3 factors to consider when specifying hot food packaging

3 factors to consider when specifying hot food packaging

You want the specification process to be as efficient as possible, but how can you guarantee you will receive packaging that offers customers the best possible experience, yet keeps costs and waste to an absolute minimum?

Considering these 3 questions beforehand will help streamline the entire process. It will also ensure your hot food packaging is fit for purpose, cost effective and delivered to your lead times.


1. How does your food need to be cooked?

It goes without saying that if the pastry on your pasty is a crusty texture, it needs to remain crusty and if your panini is soft and your sausage roll is flaky, it needs to stay soft and flaky by the time it hits the display cabinets.

Does your packaging therefore need to incorporate greaseproof paper? Does your food need to be able to breathe while being cooked, or stored in a hot cabinet without drying out too quickly?

You also need to consider if your packaging should be able to withstand the temperatures of a microwave or conventional oven. For instance, certain packaging products contain substrates making them microwaveable and ovenable to a high temperature. Take our HotRap range for example, the world’s first packaging system to take savoury and bakery products from point of manufacturer to oven to display. This packaging system can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C.

2. How can you reduce handling of your product through the supply chain?

How easy is it to manage your product in-store? How much packaging does your food require? Innovations such as AirRap go from being packed at manufacture, to cooked in-store, straight to point of sale and to consumer in just one piece of packaging.

It’s not only important that your food’s easy to cook, but that it can be cooked in its packaging. By opting for a design that can go through the entire supply chain, you will incur less cost and keep handling to a minimum which, in turn, will reduce the risk of contamination.

3. How are customers going to eat your food?

Of course you want your food to look appetising and be well presented, but how practical is it to eat?

This is a key factor every hot food-to-go packaging system should accommodate. Is your packaging ergonomically designed to make it easy for customers to eat from? How easy is it for them to open? Will your packaging prevent them from burning their hands? How much waste will they have to dispose of and how sustainable is it?

These are all important questions when considering hot food packaging and areas in which RAP has revolutionised the hot food-to-go industry.


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