History and Philosophy


What Makes RAP Different

We combine our three pillars of success…

1. Intelligent Design

2. Excellence in Manufacture

3. Exceptional Service

… to create and manufacture revolutionary food packaging that delights and influences consumers. Our inspiring, environmentally responsible food packaging products offer valuable branding opportunities to convert at the point of sale.

In addition to being functional and attractive, our systems are generally more economical than alternatives because we understand the needs of the market. Our most recent solutions enable just one process from manufacturer to customer display, and our flat pack designs reduce distribution and storage costs for significant margin improvements.

Pioneers in Food-to-go Packaging

Founded in 1997 to realise the packaging designs of Julian Money, RAP has become the market leader in food-to-go packaging.

A truly global organisation, we are headquartered in London with our design and technical centre. We also have manufacturing capabilities in Ireland, South Korea and Malaysia and the ability to distribute on a global basis.

Our Commitment to Research and Development

We’ve invested heavily to develop new features that add value for both brands and consumers. Many of these features are patent-protected, and represent some of the most game-changing breakthroughs in fresh food packaging in recent years.

The latest developments have been made possible due to a recent €6,000,000 investment in our manufacturing facility in Ireland. We’re now a leading supplier to some of the world’s best-known retailers and coffee shops.

With year-on-year growth at over double the industry rate, and a range that includes several world-firsts, we provide packaging solutions that help you optimise shelf life, improve sustainability and streamline your supply chain.