“I started working with Julian at RAP in 1997 and continue to do so. RAP have become a very valuable innovator and they have created iconic packaging for our products as well as consistently maintaining the highest standards of supply chain management”.

Julian Metcalfe
Founder of Pret a Manger and Itsu

The Challenge

Pret A Manger approached RAP because they were using a plastic carton skillet and urgently needed more effective, modern packaging better suited to a sandwich.

Pret’s sandwiches are made on site and sold the same day, so they needed a brilliant new product to match this need and reinforce their environmental credentials.

The Solution

The DayFresh carton wedge was invented.

The idea was born from combining cellulose and a small piece of board. This created a more economical pack which used less material.

This fantastic demonstration of creativity and resourcefulness became commercially viable because of the design of the folds and the vastly improved manufacturing process. The process itself made the packaging easier to cut from one sheet, leading to cost savings and quicker assembly.

Julian Money, Founder of RAP, said: ‘We bent a serious amount of metal to make the product work. But we had every faith in the ground-breaking design, and now it’s become an iconic pack.’

Added Value

Sales increased following the introduction of the new packaging, largely because the product was aesthetically more appealing on the shelves. In essence, what was already a premium sandwich now had the packaging to match.

Customers could tell that it was more environmentally friendly and they could clearly see messages from the brand on every pack.

RAP now provides additional packaging Pret, including shipping supplies to the USA, Hong Kong and France.

Julian Metcalfe, Founder of Pret and Itsu, said: ‘RAP have become a very valuable innovator and they have created iconic packaging for our products.’           

RAP founder Julian Money is passionate about the products he’s worked so hard to create: ‘I’ll sit in there for hours watching people buy my product.’ It isn’t hard for him to find the consumers, as RAP provides over 10 million units per month for just one client.

Years later Julian gets a phenomenal kick out of what he does. Even the young designers have an incredible sense of achievement and excitement when they see their product on the shelf.

As Julian explains: ‘A huge journey has gone into it, so it’s great to see people using RAP’s products. And yes, I have been known to straighten up the shelves with my products on!’

With all these trends, RAP demonstrates its constant reactivity and commitment to improving environmental and aesthetic performance. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.