Eby Brown


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‘Thanks to RAP’s Modified Atmosphere Carton Sandwich Wedge, our customers get an extended shelf life product, with produce that still looks and tastes amazing.’

Rich Haen, Eby-Brown


Eby Brown


For over 120 years, Eby-Brown has been a leading convenience store supplier and wholesale food distributor of a range of convenience products.

The company, which has $4.5 billion in annual sales, prides itself on providing a value-added service that increases its customers’ sales and profits.

The Challenge

Eby-Brown owns and operates a successful commissary where it manufactures its own fresh sandwiches under the Wakefield Sandwich Company label.

As a trusted partner, RAP’s world-leading packaging solutions have been instrumental in helping Eby-Brown provide superior fresh sandwiches to its customers.

Added Value

RAP’s technical expertise and the fact that it continuously develops new solutions mean Eby-Brown can provide real value to customers through premium products, distributed with an extended shelf life, without sacrificing taste, safety or integrity.

Not only has this resulted in a substantial uplift in sales, it has also enabled Eby-Brown to take a prominent leadership role in food on the go.

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