Fresher Thinking to Reduce Food Waste – ‘New’ RAP White Paper

Fresher Thinking to Reduce Food Waste – ‘New’ RAP White Paper

RAP has developed new guidance to help the grocery supply chain meet targets recently announced under the Courtauld Commitment 3. Our White Paper, ‘Packaging the Future’, offers retailers, brands and manufacturers valuable insights into how they can use innovative packaging solutions to extend shelf life and reduce food waste.

We believe the Commitment presents an ideal opportunity to stimulate further packaging innovation in the food and drink industry and the wider grocery supply chain. Packaging plays a critical role in helping signatories meet their targets and we know game-changing solutions will mean companies are able to deliver sustainability, while driving sales to bolster and boost the bottom line.

‘Packaging the Future’ offers insight on how technology and fresh thinking can be harnessed to cut food waste and extend food shelf life – this includes RAP’s Modified Atmosphere (MA) Carton Sandwich Wedges. The White Paper also contains case studies of companies making a sustainable change and places resealing firmly on the agenda, as an effective method of protecting and prolonging product freshness.

To download the White Paper click here

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