How state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities make packaging innovation a reality


New technology and product innovations are more successful and effective when designers and manufacturers work collaboratively.

As a long-term competitive strategy, this joined-up approach is firmly cemented across our business, as we strive to remain at the cutting-edge of intelligent food packaging.  

One of the linchpins of this success can be attributed to RAP’s state-of-the-art Irish manufacturing plant. Working in close partnership with our design and technical teams, we turn game-changing packaging concepts into reality – so much so, that they are now enjoyed by millions of people a day, worldwide.

In action since RAP’s inception in 1997, the manufacturing facilities operate 24/7 – such is the demand for RAP’s revolutionary food packaging.  

With year-on-year growth at ten times the industry rate, the plant continues to evolve, something I have witnesses first-hand since joining the company 16 years ago. 

Most recently we have benefitted from a substantial €6million investment, allowing us to purchase a second printing press. While expanding our capabilities and capacity to meet the high demand for our products, it has also given us the exciting opportunity to trial new and more innovative products – again, using our collaborative strategy through working with both the technical and design teams.

Since 1997, we have also witnessed a 32-fold increase in our employee numbers. Without a doubt, our people are our greatest asset. As the largest employer in the area, we are proud to have a loyal and focused workforce that operates with a real ‘can-do’ attitude. But to continue to generate wellbeing in our staff and deliver the consistently high standards that we are renowned for, we know that we must also do our bit – that means training and development is crucial. At anyone time we have a minimum of four, six sigma projects underway and a programme of continuous improvement.  

From plant floor to senior management, we want to retain these loyal members of staff, so all employees benefit from an internal development programme. The feedback to this is always very positive and morale is good, which no doubt contributes to our success.

However, against a backdrop of increasing consumer consumption and stringent environmental and waste reduction targets, we certainly can’t afford to rest on our laurels. That’s why we are constantly trialling new designs, materials and concepts and giving constant feedback to the design team in London. 

Fundamentally, we recognise the important role that manufacturing will play in developing next generation packaging. Not only that we also believe that we will be able to stay firmly ahead of the game by continuing to work in strong collaboration with our design and technical teams. 

Posted by John McDermott, RAP Operations Director, Friday 6 September

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