DayFresh™ Carton Wedge for Sandwiches

The world’s lightest short-life carton sandwich wedge

We’ve perfected the DayFresh™ design and construction over many years so it offers the best of all worlds: strength and protection, the optimum balance between product visibility and branding opportunities, sustainability, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

The DayFresh™ sandwich wedge provides the ultimate solution for hand-packing freshly made sandwiches in store. Its features include an anti-mist integral window that eliminates problems caused by condensation and glue gaps, as well as a lightweight, flat-pack design for easy storage.

 Key Benefits:

  • Increased sales through greater shelf impact
  • Reduced costs thanks to flat-pack design and lightweight material
  • Brand associations of quality, freshness and environmental responsibility
  • Increased customer loyalty


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