Removing Avoidable Plastics

RAP’s dedicated foodservice division provides food packaging solutions that drive sales and delight consumers.
Our extensive collection of specialist foodservice packaging products include the top selling HandRap™ system, which covers baguettes, wraps, bagels, rolls, square bread and bloomer bread sandwiches.

Other products include the HotRap™ range, which satisfies demand for hot food to go, and RapTray™ – ideal for salads, pies, pasta, hot meals and even desserts.

As part of our continued commitment to meet evolving market needs and drive growth across the sector, we have also developed a Freshpack™ carton system. This range features the world’s lightest day-fresh and long-life carton wedges. The products provide the ultimate solution for hand-packing freshly made sandwiches, thanks to an integral window that delivers an effective barrier against water and air with no risk of contamination through glue gaps.