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Design and Technical Centre

All RAP innovations begin life at our dedicated Design and Technical Centre. This is where ideas become reality, at the hands of some of the most gifted packaging experts in the business.

Our experienced team thrives on designing packaging systems that address specific challenges. Quite often, we’ll work with a client from the concept stage of a new product, providing insight into how shelf life can be increased, which materials will best complement the offering, and how costs can be reduced. Every client is assigned a single point of contact to guide them through this process.

Unusually for our industry, we’re then able to produce functioning mock-ups that demonstrate our solution in three dimensions. Prototypes are crafted from the same materials used in full-scale manufacturing to give our clients exactly the same experience their customers will get. This process is often pivotal in getting a new product off the ground and reducing the risk involved in launching it.

The design and technical team is also responsible for our big, industry-changing innovations, most of which are patent-protected. Recent breakthroughs include the BagRap™, RapTray™ and AirRap™, which were unveiled at Pro2Pac 2013.


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RAP combines impressive design technology with in-house expertise to offer engineering solutions and manufacturing capabilities. We recently invested €6 million into our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ireland, allowing us to continue producing groundbreaking packaging systems.

Home to a team of more than 30 manufacturing experts, the site has been in action since RAP’s inception in 1997. Very much the lynchpin to our stringent quality assurance, the facility, which operates 24/7, not only has the capacity to meet the high demand of our products but also the trial of new and pioneering packaging solutions.

Ensuring quality assurance at every stage of the manufacturing process, we are proud to have adopted Six Sigma Training. This internationally recognised standard has enabled us to further improve the quality of our packaging, reduce lead times and improve reliability.

RAP Ireland is fully accredited and certified to Quality Standard ISO9001: 2008 and Food Hygiene Standard BRC/IoP Global Packaging Standard.


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Transport and Logistics

RAP leads the industry in supply chain delivery. With all services offered in-house, we’re able to take your concept from design stage to finished product to its final destination completely seamlessly. Our clients appreciate that they don’t have to waste time chasing third parties – we take care of all the logistics.

We can offer supply chain management solutions that range from weekly reporting to up to date online information through to IT integration in order to support a watertight supply chain. This enables us to assist our customers optimising stock levels and in balancing the cost of short production run volumes with the flexibility needed when planning for product launches or seasonal or promotional changes.

Because we understand this area of the business so well, we’ve even been able to reduce costs for our clients by designing flat-pack products that are more cost-effective to transport and store. Our innovations have also reduced the number of processes involved in hot food packaging and helped speed up service times in store.


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Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design team has a unique understanding of the materials, construction and philosophy behind our packaging, as well as considerable experience in how to maximise shelf impact. Having worked with some of Europe’s biggest food brands, they combine creative flair with commercial awareness to make the most of the branding opportunities RAP packaging affords.

Combining the skills of designers, artworkers and preproduction coordinators, the team works alongside our technical experts at the Design and Technical Centre. They have the creative ability to originate or develop brands, as well as the print knowledge required to provide a seamless artwork, reprographics and preproduction service.

This capability means we can ensure complete accuracy throughout the print process, so all clients get exactly what they need, when they need it.


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